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Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Stagecoach Inn - Fairfield (Day 2)

September 3, 1884 - Slagtown to Knowlen and Fairfield (Camp Floyd)
(Day 2 of 44 - Week 2)
Tooele* to Fairfield = 35 Miles (Trip Total = 47 Miles)
*Mileage from Tooele not Slagtown (see Google Maps below))
September 3, 1884
September 3 - 5, 1884

Care has been taken to preserve the original spelling, grammar, punctuation, and meaning as written.

 Original Journal Entry (above)
"3rd we went to Tolman's at Knowlen there we I traded off my black mare for a mule, then we went to Fairfield the second night.  we stayed at Young's a distance from Tooele of 35 miles.

Final Journal Entry
"Sep. 3. we went to Toleman's at Knowlen.  I traded my big black mare off for a gray mule which proved a great blessing to me as the mare was sick, and "gave out" the first day upon the journey.  A man came and offered me the mule for the mare and I traded.  I then had a fine mule team.  We went to Fairfield that night and stayed at Young's place 35 miles from Tooele."

C. P Anderson went into more detail on trading for the mule in the second entry. This was an important part of the journey.  Tomorrow they would shod the mule. 

After Slagtown at the junction where you turn is the following monument:

Turn at this monument

Then they went to Knowlen.

Note on Knowlen:  "We went to Tolman's at Knowlen."  Knowlen was settled about 1870 by Ormus E. Bates.  It was located on Ophir Creek about a mile west of the mouth of Ophir Canyon near Ophir.  Cyrus Tolman was an early settler at Knowlen  He moved from this area in 1881.  Click on his name for more information on him and the area.

The Andersons then went to Fairfield which at one time was known as Camp Floyd. There are many interesting activities at Camp Floyd throughout the year.  You might want to time your visit to take part.  It has a rich history.

Camp Floyd was one of the United States most strategically important military outposts.
It was the largest military base in the country and the second largest city in Utah. Camp
Floyd's legacy is now little more than a single building.  This documentary brings 
to light the story of Camp Floyd.

Did the Anderson's stay here September 3, 1884? (see Research Tips)
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Before we try to answer the question, "Where did the Anderson Family stay the night of September 3, 1884."  Let's see how Sherlock Holmes might have approached this case and other research problems on this blog.

1880 Census Records

                                                           1880 Census - Page 1 of 4 - Fairfield

                                                            Exhibit #1 - Young Family  (267/276)*

                                                            *Dwelling #/Family#

                                               1880 Census - Page 2 of 4 -  Cedar Fort (Fairfield ?)  
                          Exhibit #2 - Young/ Carson Families  -  Listed in the same household (278/287)

                                                        1880 Census - Page 2 of 4 -  Cedar Fort (Fairfield ?)
                                                                     Exhibit #3 - Young Family (287/ 296)
Again, Where did the Andersons stay the night of September 3, 1884 ?

The genealogist in me could not help but try and find where the Youngs lived because this is where the Anderson's stayed.  I went to the 1880 Census and looked up all the Youngs in Fairfield (Camp Floyd) and nearby Cedar Fort.  The Anderson's could have been with any of these families. However there is a Josias Young Family living in the same household as the John Carson Family.  Who was John Carson (also see 1880 census above)?  The link will give more of his story, but he had built his home in Fairfield, and it later became an Inn when Johnson's army came to Utah.   

The census record above  lists John Carson as being in the HOTEL business.  Josiah Young is living in the same place (See Exhibit 2).  So did the Anderson's stay in the  Stagecoach Inn or did they stay with one of the other Young families?   I know it's not like we're trying to find out where George Washington stayed, but I was just curious.  Seems like they would have stayed near the Stagecoach Inn.  But why did he say they stayed at Young's place?  Why didn't he say they stayed at the Stagecoach Inn or Carson's place (the owner ?)  They also may have just camped near one of the other Youngs who lived there.  

Is this a case of the tent being stolen, or is the answer more complicated?  There are always mysteries when doing family history. Don't forget to talk (comment below) a little as we are traveling down the trail.

The route may have been different back then, and we don't know exactly where they stopped and started each day. 
The Journal =   47 Miles from Grantsville to Fairfield.
Google Maps = 48 Miles: 24.4 (Grantsville to "Slagtown" --Steptoe Marker) + 23.8 (Steptoe Marker to Fairfield).

 Where the Anderson's stayed is something for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to look into. Mileage differences between the Anderson journal, google maps, and actual travel mileage today will be discussed in this section. 

Picture the Andersons visiting with the Carsons and Youngs in front of the Stagecoach Inn.
  Information (See Fairfield Utah History Websites)

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"I then had a fine mule team"
C. P. Anderson Journal -- Sept. 3, 1884

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Did they shod the mule near here?
Lehi Bakery - home of the square doughnut
suggested "nooning" spot. 

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