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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Tour of Discovery - Panguitch (Day 15)

September 16, 1884 - Canyon to river (nooned) to Panguich

Day 15 of 44 - (Week 3)
Canyon to Panguich = 18 Miles (Total Miles = 289 Miles)
Total Trip Average Miles Per Day = 19.3: Average Miles Per Day - Week 3 = 12.7

September 15 - 16, 1884
September 16 - 17, 1884

Original Journal Entry
"Tuesday sep. 16 - Started met Johnson's wife (the ____wife that works at the Ferry) she said we could go to the lower ferry so we do not need to _____ Lee's Back Bone.  We drove up the valley till we about noon - turned out by the River - hitched up drove to Panguich camped by Co-op Store - traveled 18 miles that day"

Final Journey Entry
"Tuesday Sept. 16 met Ferryman Johnson's wife, said we could cross lower ferry no need to cross Lees Backbone.  Nooned up the river Alvina De La Mare was sick.  We administered to her.  Drove to Panguich that night camped by Coop. 18 miles."

Note;  At the time Alvina was pregnant with Isabel who would be born the following May.  At that time they had been crossing at the lower ferry, but the Anderson family would cross the upper ferry.. 

Where is the Co-op?

It depended on who you asked.  Everybody had a different opinion.  The locations below were in the running  for the Co-op. 

Was the Co-op here?
According to one source, this is where they
could have camped behind the Co-op
This place was also in the running as well for the Co-op in 1884

And The Winner Is?  None of the above.
The Court House

They camped near here

Now that we have established where the Andersons camped this day


Quilt Walk Park

 Next to the Court House today is Quilt Walk Park

It has an amazing story to tell.  It is worth your time to watch this mini movie.  The Andersons may have heard about this event which happened twenty years earlier in Panguitch.  Perhaps the story gave them renewed courage for the difficult journey that lay ahead.  My great great grandmother's (Margaret Ann Adair Richey) brother (on the other side of the family), Thomas Jefferson Adair Jr., is featured.    

"The Quilt Walk" - An Amazing Story

The music from the band gives a little history of the  Adair Family before the quilt walk.
At the end places are suggested to noon.  Follow in their footsteps in the movie;
 then walk through Panguitch!  

For more information on "The Quilt Walk" go here

Thomas Jefferson Adair

On a personal note, Thomas Jefferson Adair is featured in this movie with a song about him and his family.  His 1st wife, Frances Rogers Adair, and at least two of their children died before coming to Utah.  His mother, Rebecca Brown Adair, my 4th great grandmother, was buried at Mt. Pisgah and her name inscribed on the monument there.  Click here for a short history of the family.  I know the general area, but am still trying to find Adairville, Utah where Thomas Adair lived about a decade later.  I'll post my findings here if I am successful.  Thomas Adair also lived at Pahreah, a beautiful spot, which will be shown in a future blog.  You are able to drive to it today.  Movies were made there.


John D Lee

 This was the first brick home built in Panguitch.  There are many interesting homes in Panguitch which I drove by on my way to this one.   On November 7, 1874, while visiting in Pantguich, John D Lee was placed under arrest by United States Deputy Marshall William Stokes. An account of this can be read here. Rumor has it he was found hiding in a chicken coop or a pig pen behind this home.

This home of William and Louisa Lee Prince was remodeled
and served as a Bed and Breakfast.

I went through Panguitch several times before finding the home where John D. Lee was captured and turned into federal authorities.  His daughter lived here with her husband William Prince.  John D Lee was buried in Panguitch.  He will be mentioned in future blogs on Lee's Ferry,  Jacob's Pool, and Moenave. 

John D Lee was buried  in Pantguich Cemetery

John Doyle Lee

Before the Anderson family arrived in Panguitch, they nooned between milepost 149 and milepost 131.  If they nooned at "noon," then they stopped earlier in the day.  Just past milepost 142 " by the river" (7 miles) of the eighteen miles they traveled that day would have been a picturesque area for them to noon.

They could have nooned near the river in this area past signpost 142

Whenever I passed through Panguitch, I asked questions and eventually found the history you have read about here.  Nobody seemed to know where John D Lee was caught by federal authorities.  The home was behind the school downtown - "hidden in plain sight."  This was also true about the Co-op.  This book was pointed out to me by a lady in one of the Main street shops and gave me more information about the Co-op.  Be persistent and you will usually find what you are looking for.

pg 28-29. The second Co-op was in the
"Old Sow" building near where the
court house is today.

At the time the Anderson Family was in Panguitch, I believe they camped near the second Co-op building. The first one was located in the old fort.  The third one located on Center Street was lost to fire in the early 1900s.  One thing we know for sure is that it was not where many people thought,  on Main Street.  Center Street which runs East and West was where the third Co-op building was located.

Charles said "very ugly place" in referring to Hillsdale.   What a difference a "few" years make.  We will go there tomorrow and see what you can enjoy today.  I received a special gift here on my birthday, and visited with a remarkable family. Hillsdale will always remain a fond memory for me, and today it is a beautiful place.  



  1. Hi Grant,
    I really enjoyed the mini movie about the "Quilt Walk Park". Inspiration and prayers answered.
    Also, John D. Lee story very interesting. Was he prosecuted for his part in the Mountain Meadow Massacre? Great post as usual. Joyce Pruhs

  2. Hi Grant,
    I really enjoyed the mini movie about the "Quilt Walk Park". Inspiration and prayers answered.
    Also, John D. Lee story very interesting. Was he prosecuted for his part in the Mountain Meadow Massacre? Great post as usual. Joyce Pruhs

  3. What a great post. I have never been to Panguitch, but now it is on my list of places to see in Utah. The movie was fun and it's awesome to know that the story is part of your history.